Do you believe in conspiracy theories? If so which ones?

Posted: December 8, 2010 in Uncategorized

Ever since the dawn of man and political control, there have been real conspiracies conspired by the people in power to remain in control. Does the government really know about aliens? You never know. I always thought that not only does the government know about them, but in exchange for certain alien technologies, I believe that they allow certain alien species that they have been in contact with, specifically the grays, to abduct people and do alien experiments with them including implanting chips etc.


Gray Aliens
Alien Species – The Grey

The grey aliens are something to be scared about. For a while now people around the United States and elsewhere have been abducted by these beings. Hypnotists that are also therapists, have been getting this info from abductees. What is happening is very strange, many strange objects have been extracted from these individuals that emit in some cases a strange tune or frequency. There have also been cases of alien probing. Even though a lot of people consider this a laughing matter, I’m sure that if it happened to them they wouldn’t be so quick to act. So what are these alien implants doing? What is their purpose? Of course I am not sure either, it could have something to do with altering genetics on account of their technology being far more advanced, or it could possibly have something to do with transmitting data back to the alien beings from individuals that have certain psychic abilities already, and they want to study their powers, because they would also have an interest in this type of clairvoyance no matter how advanced their technology is. I am sure remote viewing is something that a lot of alien species could benefit from.


Alien Chip Removed from Skull of Napoleon Bonaparte

Alien Chip Removed from Skull of Napoleon Bonaparte

Dr. Dubois in Paris, France was given a grant from the French government of $140,000 to exhume the body of Napoleon Bonaparte. Supposedly Dr. Dubois was checking for a pituitary disorder of the brain that would be the reasoning behind Napoleon’s small size. I believe what he found though was much more amazing. It is obviously an advanced microchip of some sort and Dr. Dubois believes that it was implanted in Napoleon’s skull sometime when he was a young child. Is it possible that the aliens are somehow manipulating the history of humans, and are still able to do so today? This is very strange. If you have had an alien implant, I think you should consider all of the reasons I have listed here so you can decide what your particular case is. Think of what you can do, or what you may be doing in the future. Its obvious that the real reason behind these mysterious implants still eludes our best scientists. That or they are keeping their mouth shut.


Ancient Sumerians and the Planet they call Nibiru

Ancient Sumerians and the Planet they call Nibiru

Now if there are these grey aliens where could they possibly come from could it be from a planet that we have already discovered? NASA has just announced that they found a new formula for life. This form of life substitutes phosphorus for arsenic, which is deadly poisonous to most lifeforms on our Earth. So this opens the door for other planets (even in our solar system) that could possibly have that recipe for life, or even a recipe that modern day biology still does not know about. We do have another clue in our ancient history. The Sumerian civilization that existed 3,000+ years ago in modern day Iraq speaks of advanced astronomy concepts especially for an ancient people, and completely mapped out our solar system. One weird thing though about their map of the cosmos, is that there is an extra planet that main stream astronomers don’t even mention. This is referred to by the Sumerians as the planet Nibiru. Nibiru according to the sumerians and conspiracy theorists has a long elliptical orbit around the sun that comes into Earth’s vicinity once every 3600 years. I say the conspiracy theorists do as well, because they believe that is a conspiracy that NASA has information on this strange planet, but they are not divulging any details. Why they would do this I do not know. If it is true and Nibiru comes into close proximity with the Earth, it could throw our poles out of alignment and cause huge earthquakes, tidal waves, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions. This is basically the end of days, or the apocalypse in the book of revelations in the bible. One thing is for sure people aliens exist, they have been watching us, and if its not Nibiru where they come from, then its a much farther distance like Orion’s belt (where pyramids of Giza are aligned), or possibly closer than we think, thanks to modern biology being changed every day based on NASA’s announcement. I hope you have enjoyed reading and please feel free to leave comments. Remember be ready for anything, and always question the answers. You must always ask questions to fully understand our existence.


Nibiru's Apogee - Elliptical Orbit Pattern

Nibiru's Apogee - Elliptical Orbit Pattern

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