Alien Planet As Seen on The Discovery Channel

Posted: January 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

‘Alien Planet’ – Discovery Channel – 1

‘Alien Planet’ – Discovery Channel – 2

‘Alien Planet’ – Discovery Channel – 3

‘Alien Planet’ – Discovery Channel – 4

‘Alien Planet’ – Discovery Channel – 5

‘Alien Planet’ – Discovery Channel – 6

‘Alien Planet’ – Discovery Channel – 7

‘Alien Planet’ – Discovery Channel – 8

‘Alien Planet’ – Discovery Channel – 9

‘Alien Planet’ – Discovery Channel – 10

‘Alien Planet’ – Discovery Channel – 11

If we were created because of the perfect environment on our Earth, then it is entirely possible that there are other “perfect” environments that could also create multi-cellular organisms such as ourselves. NASA has recently found a new recipe for life that substitutes arsenic (which is highly poisonous to us) with phosphorus that is a fundamental building block of life on our planet. This means that there are other formulas that modern day biology still have no idea about. Who knows if there is another recipe for intelligent life? If so, then we have no idea whats really out there. Now scientists have plans of examining other Earth type planets, however with the discovery of a new recipe for life, we could have intelligent life on any planet such as Jupiter, Saturn, and maybe even Mars. One thing is for sure we live in a very exciting time! This presentation shows how we would analyze an alien planet remotely using advanced robots to explore, and possibly discover lifeforms on another planet. Whoever directed these fiction alien discoveries has quite an imagination. Is it possible that there are people or beings here on Earth that know more about these environments than they are saying? I believe this is very strange. Enjoy this production, it is very interesting.

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