The Great Alien Conspiracy as Shown on the Discovery Channel

Posted: January 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

Discovery Channel – The Great Alien Conspiracy 1

Discovery Channel – The Great Alien Conspiracy 2

Discovery Channel – The Great Alien Conspiracy 3

Discovery Channel – The Great Alien Conspiracy 4

In the 1940s the alien sightings began. Was it because extra terrestrials could feel the ripples throughout the galaxy of our first atomic bomb? Did they do a double take on planet Earth after we discovered the atomic bomb? Shortly after this the incident at Roswell occured, and very deep advanced technological research began. The freedom of information act has allowed us to get eyewitness reports of beings and strange aircraft. Every document that has been obtained from the freedom of information act though, has blacked out content everywhere, that the goverment is still hiding from the general public. Goverments for years have issued cover stories and other reasons why strange light phenomena exist. Why then through the freedom of information act are we now finding out that there may be some truth to peoples eyewitness reports. Many insiders and whistle-blowers have also come forward. Will they end up dead? Have aliens been here the whole time? Did they do a deal with our goverment so that they can microchip and abduct humans in exchange for advanced technology? Notice that this narrator obviously speaks with a biased attitude and seems to be poking fun at eyewitnesses and whistle-blowers. Was this to breed skepticism in the field? I think that he could have done an unbiased report, however it seems this narrator definitely has his own opinions and tries to push them on you. Does he have another agenda than reporting the truth? Notice that more recent shows on the Discovery Channel, and the History Channel have now become more accepting of the whole idea of aliens. This is very interesting to think about going forward. On these shows they even speak of the unknown energy that runs UFOs because it is obviously utilizing an energy source that main stream scientists don’t know about. This could end the fuel and oil crisis, and even possibly give us a free form of energy, this is obviously against the new world order agenda. After all, this is why we invaded Iraq. If you look at history and analyze the real evidence from all cultures, it is obvious we have not been alone for an extremely long time. Were we created by alien beings? Remember to think for yourself, and don’t believe anything some biased reporter is reporting to you, always make your own decisions, and keep thinking with an open mind.

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