This is definitely something to be afraid of. This is not a tampered with video, and the video is obviously very high quality. People around the Internet are quick to bash people that upload videos like these, when these occurrences are happening all over the world. Prepare yourselves folks, we could have full UFO disclosure soon. Whether or not it will be absolute truth, is debatable, but something will be said about all these sightings I promise you that.

This is very strange. Look at the trail that this UFO is leaving behind it. This is unlike any propulsion system we have seen in any of our aircrafts. Did scientists at Area51 reverse engineer a flying craft just like the one that crashed in Roswell New Mexico? Who knows. Whatever this thing is, I promise its not a result of human ingenuity.

This UFO is extremely strange, and makes no noise as it hovers above peoples houses. What is its purpose? What was it doing above those houses in France? This is a very strange video.