This is definitely something to be afraid of. This is not a tampered with video, and the video is obviously very high quality. People around the Internet are quick to bash people that upload videos like these, when these occurrences are happening all over the world. Prepare yourselves folks, we could have full UFO disclosure soon. Whether or not it will be absolute truth, is debatable, but something will be said about all these sightings I promise you that.


This is very strange. Look at the trail that this UFO is leaving behind it. This is unlike any propulsion system we have seen in any of our aircrafts. Did scientists at Area51 reverse engineer a flying craft just like the one that crashed in Roswell New Mexico? Who knows. Whatever this thing is, I promise its not a result of human ingenuity.

This UFO is extremely strange, and makes no noise as it hovers above peoples houses. What is its purpose? What was it doing above those houses in France? This is a very strange video.

This cannot be debunked. This is all real footage. Why do people still not believe in this phenomena? We are being watched. They could even be walking among us. Do they hold positions of power in our political spider web?

NASA has been lying to us for a long time. They know about an extra-terrestrial presence around our planet. What is happening out there? Are they studying us? Do they want to create alien hybrids? The Government and NASA might know the answer to some of these questions, but the truth is, they aren’t saying a damn thing about it.

This is pretty strange. You can definitely tell that this video is not fake in anyway and is shot by an amateur photographer. Has anyone else ever seen something like this while flying a commercial airliner? It is on record that many pilots both military and commercial, have seen these objects and no one REALLY knows what they are.

‘Alien Planet’ – Discovery Channel – 1

‘Alien Planet’ – Discovery Channel – 2

‘Alien Planet’ – Discovery Channel – 3

‘Alien Planet’ – Discovery Channel – 4

‘Alien Planet’ – Discovery Channel – 5

‘Alien Planet’ – Discovery Channel – 6

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‘Alien Planet’ – Discovery Channel – 10

‘Alien Planet’ – Discovery Channel – 11

If we were created because of the perfect environment on our Earth, then it is entirely possible that there are other “perfect” environments that could also create multi-cellular organisms such as ourselves. NASA has recently found a new recipe for life that substitutes arsenic (which is highly poisonous to us) with phosphorus that is a fundamental building block of life on our planet. This means that there are other formulas that modern day biology still have no idea about. Who knows if there is another recipe for intelligent life? If so, then we have no idea whats really out there. Now scientists have plans of examining other Earth type planets, however with the discovery of a new recipe for life, we could have intelligent life on any planet such as Jupiter, Saturn, and maybe even Mars. One thing is for sure we live in a very exciting time! This presentation shows how we would analyze an alien planet remotely using advanced robots to explore, and possibly discover lifeforms on another planet. Whoever directed these fiction alien discoveries has quite an imagination. Is it possible that there are people or beings here on Earth that know more about these environments than they are saying? I believe this is very strange. Enjoy this production, it is very interesting.